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Whether you're looking for creative, music experiences for your baby and toddler, an opportunity to learn more about nature and farming for your older child, or a chance to spend some 
quality time together as a family, Delightful Sounds is the place for you. We have 10 years of experience in educating children, and our Kindermusik and outdoor classes specialize in making learning fun and meaningful.

We believe that every child has special talents, and that parents are their child's most important teachers. That's why our Kindermusik classes involve children and their parents in activities, music, movement, and more. As you sing and dance each week, you'll uncover an engaging musical world while you build your child's confidence, self-control and language skills.

In our Agricultural Adventure class, your child can learn and grow through fun, hands-on experien
ces both inside and outside our classroom. Your child will have the chance to interact with a variety of farm animals; enjoy fun, outdoor activities; and learn more about the environment and the world around them through agricultural education. 

Come out and see for yourself what makes us so special!